Aloys Nsabimana
Pro Golfer

Aloys Nsabimana

Aloys Nsabimana is a 25 year old Rwandan professional Golfer, born in Kigali, Rwanda. He grew up near Kigali golf club, which inspired him to get involved in the sport.

Aloys did everything he could to feed his passion for golf: Whilst growing up, he made his own set of clubs from tree branches, and he would raise funds by selling any golf balls he found around the course.

When old enough, Aloys started caddying two days a week, and kept up the practice inbetween shifts. The practicing paid off in 2013 when he was invited to the golf academy at Kigali golf club where he played, and won, the academy tournament. In 2015 he joined the national team, and became the number 1 amateur golfer in Eastern Africa.

In November 2020 Aloys turned professional, after winning qualification for a Pro Card at Great Rife Valley Lodge in Kenya. He is currently ranked No.1 Pro Rwandan golfer, based in Rwanda.